Why MentorPRO?

Because we are the mentoring experts!

MentorPRO isn’t just another mentoring platform. It’s a blueprint for how to do things right–from best practices in matching, training and supervising to scientific data collecting and reporting. Every feature is backed by decades of research and evaluation, making it the most scientifically rigorous and effective platform available.

Supporting Evidence-Based Practices

MentorPRO is built on a foundation research, including our own studies showing that mentoring is most effective when certain criteria are met:


Training and supervision is associated with dramatically stronger effects (Burton…Rhodes, 2021). […]

Through MentorPRO Academy’s state-of-the-art learning management system we offer mentor and mentee trainings based on best practices. We are continuously creating, evaluating, and improving our offerings.


Targeted mentoring is two to three times more effective than nonspecific mentoring (Christensen…Rhodes, 2020).  […]

MentorPRO’s Check-In and Goals features allow for interactive mood-tracking and goal-setting so mentors can track and support their mentees in real time.


Human support is essential for user engagement in technology-delivered interventions (Werntz…Rhodes, 2023).  […]

MentorPRO has application programming interface (API) integration with evidence-based training and mental health apps (MHapps) such as Healthy Minds which enables mentors to track and encourage engagement. Our Supportive Accountability provides mentors with the training they need.

Our commitment to you

We will always prioritize quality and effectiveness over profit and growth  MentorPRO has been funded through grants, including a highly competitive National Institute on Mental Health small business award, and earned revenue. Because we are not beholden to investors, we have the luxury of taking the long view and only promoting practices and features that meet our highest standards.

We will always subject our findings to rigorous peer review MentorPRO leaders have the scientific expertise to conduct and publish rigorous evaluations. We believe in presenting evaluation findings that have met the standards of peer review over unpublished white papers, internal reports and unverifiable statistics.

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