How do I add a new Resource/Article?

  1. Log in using your Program Manager account and navigate to the “Resource Hub” tab. Then, click on “ADD”.
  2. Add the necessary information:
    • Title: Enter the question or sentence related to the information you’re providing.
    • Category: Select the option that best describes the title.
    • Tags: Choose the labels that will be associated with this Resource. You can select more than one.
  3. After adding the new Article, proceed to add responses. Click on the article again to open and edit it.
  4. Under “Tasks,” provide a brief description or simply add “Resource 1” in the “New task Title” bar.
  5. A new section will appear to the right of your screen where you can input your text. You can include fonts, bullet points, and links to make it more interactive. Then, click “SAVE”.