How do I add a new Program Manager or Success Coordinator?

  1. Log in to MentorPRO using your Parent or Child Account. If you don’t remember your account’s email address, check the “Start Day – Users Access Details” document in My Program.
  2. Select the Organization you’re working on and go to the “Program Managers” or “Success Coordinator” tab. Then, click the ADD button in the upper right corner of your screen.
  3. Add the new user’s full name, phone number, ID (which can be the phone number), and email. Then, click ADD. The new user will get an email to welcome them to MentorPRO and prompt them to set a password.
  4. Now that the account has been created, it’s time to assign them to a program. In the Program Managers or Success Coordinator tab, click on Unassigned PM at the top of your screen. A list of all new unassigned users will appear.
  5. Click the name of the new user to open their profile. Then, assign an Organization and a Program from the list. Click ADD.