How can I delete a user?

You can permanently remove Mentors and/or Mentees.

To remove a user, you need to use a Super Admin or Parent account created for your program. This Super Admin or Parent account has similar privileges to your Program Manager account. The difference is that this account is one level above in the hierarchy of accounts and has permission to edit goals, filters, export raw data, and permanently remove users. We do not recommend using the Parent Account to communicate with Mentees and Mentors – use your PM account instead.
To remove a user:
  1. Log in following this link and using the parent account.
  2. Organization tab > Navigate to the Mentors or Mentees tab.
  3. Search for the user you wish to remove, and click the three dots under the Action Column. Next, select “Delete” from the options.
  4. A confirmation question will be prompted. Select YES.

Upon removing a user, all associated data will be permanently deleted. We recommend scheduling a data export before undertaking this action. If you need assistance, please reach out to Megyn Jasman (