How can Mentees complete Tasks?

  1. Mentees receive a notification about a new task with subtasks.
  2. Open the task to view the list of subtasks.
  3. Click on each subtask to read the description and deadline. Comments can also be added.
  4. After completing a subtask, mark it as done. The Mentor will receive a notification.

How can Mentors create a Task for Mentees?

  1. Mentors tap the “Tasks” button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Click the “+” button, add a Mentee and Task title, then tap Create.
  3. Next, click “Add Subtask” to create supportive subtasks for the main objective.
  4. Add a subtask, deadline, and description. Mentors can add as many tasks as needed.

What are Tasks?

Mentors can now make customized plans to assist Mentees in reaching their goals. With the updated Task tab, Mentors can create a main task and include subtasks with deadlines and reminders.

For instance, if a Mentee’s goal is to “Find a job,” Mentors can list it as a main Task and break it down into subtasks such as “create a resume,” “explore 3 industries of interest,” “attend a company info session,” and so on. Mentees receive a notification when a task is created, and a reminder before the deadline. Mentors get a notification when the subtask is marked as completed.