How do I export my program’s data?

Access your data anytime! As advocates of evidence-based practices, MentorPRO is dedicated to delivering comprehensive data and insights into mentoring program metrics and Mentor/Mentee interactions. In addition to our regular Customer Success Meetings, this new functionality ensures you stay informed about the ongoing dynamics of your program.

  1. Log in to MentorPRO using your Parent account. If you’ve forgotten your credentials, locate them in the Client Portal under the My Program > Start Day section or contact us for support. Then, Navigate to Organizations and find a new tab labeled “Data Export” at the top. Here, you’ll discover all your scheduled exports.
  2. To initiate a new export, click on Schedule, then choose the type of data report you wish to export. Fill in the required fields, including your email address in the “CC” box.
  3. Click Schedule, and you’re done! On the scheduled day, you’ll receive an email with a link to download the data. Keep in mind that the link expires after seven days.

• The exported data provides raw information for your later analysis of program achievements.
• Data exports should be scheduled at least one day in advance, before 00:00 hrs ET.
• Need assistance scheduling data exports? Feel free to contact us at

Does the vendor allow modifications to the EULA (End User License Agreement)?

MentorPRO has a well developed and clear EULA that specifies the product, service and delivery details. The EULA should be considered AS=IS and representative of the MentorPRO solution offering.

Of course anything is possible but this will require customization because currently, all users agree to the EULA within the app, so any changes to the EULA will affect every user or will require a custom version of the app.

How often has MentorPRO been used so far?

MentorPRO has been used by over 15,000 students at several universities since 2021. In addition to higher education, MentorPRO has also been used by the Council for Opportunities in Education and by non-profits such as StepUp, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Friends of the Children, etc.

Will MentorPRO store any PII (Personal ID Information) or any PHI (Patient Health Information)

MentorPRO will store basic mentor and mentee data wuch as email, cellphone, communications (between Mentor/Mentee), schedules, and interaction history are saved.

No sensitive information such as biometrics are saved.

Data are isolated and protected. All data transmission and data storage complies with GDPR. Data are encrypted in transit and at rest.

Is MentorPRO downloadable to a client smartphone or is it used at the vendor’s website?

MentorPRO is available in multiple ways, depending on your role.

– If you are a mentor or a mentee, then you will use MentorPRO on your smart phone as an app client (iOS and Android.) All of the app functionality is also available via the web.

– If you are a program administrator, then you will use the MentorPRO dashboard on the web. Program administrators track platform adoption and usage and interactions.

Is data exchanged between client and MentorPRO?