Does MentorPRO provide templates to visualize my raw exported data?

Yes! We’re delighted to assist you in analyzing your data and pinpointing key metrics vital to your program’s success.

In your Customer Success Meetings, we’ll showcase your program’s results. Schedule a session or request a template by emailing Megyn Jasman (

Check-In Reports

  1. Log in to your MentorPRO account and navigate to the new “Reports” tab. Check-in Reports include a detailed list of mentees, their mentors, domain, check-in score, and check-in date.
  2. Refine your search using the filters: Organization, Program, Mentor, Date range, Domain, and Identifiers.


A check-in ranked at 4 or 5 indicates that a Mentee is encountering challenges in a particular domain. We suggest filtering Mentees with elevated check-in scores and utilizing the new Connect tab to contact their respective Mentors. Request these Mentors to provide additional resources and support to the mentees facing challenges

What is the Reports tab?

Discover a fresh perspective for visualizing your program’s information! This section is designed to facilitate informed decision-making and elevate the support you provide to your mentees. Expect continuous growth in the Reports tab with additional data in the upcoming months.

How do I export my program’s data?

Access your data anytime! As advocates of evidence-based practices, MentorPRO is dedicated to delivering comprehensive data and insights into mentoring program metrics and Mentor/Mentee interactions. In addition to our regular Customer Success Meetings, this new functionality ensures you stay informed about the ongoing dynamics of your program.

  1. Log in to MentorPRO using your Parent account. If you’ve forgotten your credentials, locate them in the Client Portal under the My Program > Start Day section or contact us for support. Then, Navigate to Organizations and find a new tab labeled “Data Export” at the top. Here, you’ll discover all your scheduled exports.
  2. To initiate a new export, click on Schedule, then choose the type of data report you wish to export. Fill in the required fields, including your email address in the “CC” box.
  3. Click Schedule, and you’re done! On the scheduled day, you’ll receive an email with a link to download the data. Keep in mind that the link expires after seven days.

• The exported data provides raw information for your later analysis of program achievements.
• Data exports should be scheduled at least one day in advance, before 00:00 hrs ET.
• Need assistance scheduling data exports? Feel free to contact us at