MentorPRO app functionality

I am a Program Staff member. How do I log in?

All mentoring program staff can access MentorPRO by using the email address associated with their account. Program Staff have access to a detailed website with program data, which is only available via the web, not the app.

Access My MentorPRO Dashboard


  •  Child Organization: a subsidiary of a parent organization. Some organizations have only one child organization, while others have multiple.
  • Mentee: the reason why your mentoring program exists. They set up goals and the rest of the organization works to help them succeed.
  • Mentor: matched with mentees, they offer personalized support, referrals, advice, and responsibility tailored to each mentee’s goals, as well as the broader program goals.
  • MentorPRO: a tool that connects your mentees directly with their mentors to get the information they need to succeed, while you can track the metrics of your mentoring program.
  • MentorPRO app: The application version designed for Mentors and Mentees, where users log in with their phone numbers.
  • MentorPRO web: The web version is accessible to all users. Program Staff use their email address for access, while Mentors and Mentees log in with their phone numbers.
  • Parent Organization: the principal entity responsible for the program. It oversees the program’s smooth operation and is in charge of all aspects of the program.
  • Program Manager (PM): oversee all operations of the mentoring program. They are focused on program design, implementing program initiatives, delegating tasks to staff members, and monitoring all moving aspects.
  • Program Staff: All individuals involved in the development of the mentoring program including Parent Organization, Child Organization, Program Managers, and Success Coordinators.
  • Success Coordinator (SC): closest to mentors, directly supervising all mentor-related activity. They are tasked with monitoring mentors and mentor-mentee matches to establish and maintain match success.