How can a Mentor see a Mentee’s goals?

Mentors have the option to access a Mentee’s profile and navigate to the “Goals” section located in the top menu of the screen. Within this section, Mentors can view the goals that the Mentee is currently working on, as well as any goals that have already been completed.

How can Mentees add their own goals?

Mentees can add their own goals by clicking “Add Custom Goal” at the bottom left of their screen in the Goals section. 

How many goals can a Mentee set?

Mentees can set up to five goals.

Who can set goals?

Mentees can set goals within the MentorPRO platform. This allows them to define specific, measurable objectives tailored to their personal and professional development. The goal-setting feature empowers Mentees to take an active role in shaping their mentoring experience and working towards meaningful outcomes.

What are goals?

In the MentorPRO platform, goals are defined as precise and measurable objectives that Mentees strive to accomplish during their mentoring program. These objectives, initiated by Mentees, serve as a roadmap for Mentors to steer the mentoring relationship, offering a distinct path for personal and professional development. Goals are categorized into seven key areas:

  1. Academics
  2. Career
  3. Connections
  4. Finances
  5. Health
  6. Planning
  7. Well-being