How do I create an assessment

  1. Log in using the Parent Organization account.
  2. Choose the Organization and Program.
  3. Go to the “Assessments” tab in the top menu and click ADD.
  4. Provide a Title for the survey and add your questions and answers. Click NEXT.
  5. Select Mentees from the list and click ASSIGN. Your Mentees will then receive a prompt to complete the assessment the next time they open the app before continuing to use the app.


  • Assessments are exclusive to Mentees.
  • Download your results by clicking the export icon.
  • There are no open-ended questions available.
  • For further discussion, please contact our research expert at

What is an Assessment?

Effective mentoring programs require consistent data and assessment. At MentorPRO, we prioritize data-driven insights to help you achieve your program goals. Our platform offers the flexibility to create assessments and access a library of surveys, ensuring thorough program evaluation. Contact us to explore these features further.

Periodically, mentees using the app will be prompted to answer tailored questions selected by program leads. This survey functionality empowers the MentorPRO team and program leaders to comprehend shifts in mentee behaviors, perceptions, and attitudes. It provides a dynamic way to monitor progress and well-being throughout their MentorPRO journey.