Pinned Announcement

When boosting an announcement, consider using the pin feature. This places the announcement at the top, making it easily noticeable. To pin, click the three dots at the bottom right of the announcement and choose “Pin.”

How do I create a new Announcement?

  1. Click the “Announcement” tab and click ADD.
  2. Complete the following fields:
    • Title: Name of your event.
    • Description: add links, images, bullet points, and formatting.
    • Short preview: summarize in less than 200 characters.
    • Featured Image: use an invitation or relevant image.
    • Target Audience: select mentors, mentees, and identifiers (filters) if available. Make it as personalized as you want.
    • Notification: Consider a push notification for better promotion.

What is an Announcement?

This section is part of the Resource Hub, dedicated to sharing university or organization-related news. Encourage your Mentees to stay informed about exciting updates from your mentoring program and MentorPRO!

Sending at least once announcement per week helps keep Mentors and Mentees active.