Welcome to MentorPRO!

The all-in-one success platform that equips you with the tools and mentoring you need to improve your skills, achieve your goals, and experience personal and professional growth.

MentorPRO grounds relationships in goals and equips you with the skills, support, and resources you need to succeed.

Functionalities in MentorPRO:

As a Mentee, some of your responsibilities are:

  • Download MentorPRO, complete your profile, and familiarize yourself with the app.
  • Add 5 SMART goals and ask your Mentors for guidance to complete them.
  • Reach out to your Mentor through MentorPRO, introduce yourself, and respond to their messages within 24 hours.
  • At least once a week, use MentorPRO’s Check-In feature to reflect on your personal and academic well-being.
  • Complete any Tasks and Sub-Tasks assigned by your Mentor. This will help you reach your goals faster!

Enjoy using MentorPRO!